I’m Katie Shepherd, an artist and designer, based in Manchester.  I’m ‘kinHEADS’ too, and draw affordable, contemporary pen and ink portraits of children. The name is derived from a clever (ahem) combination of ‘kin’ (your family) and ‘HEADS’ (the bit I draw).

kinHEADS is my second baby. The first and original kinHEAD is my son, who stars in this venture as my logo. He was the first one I drew and I haven’t really looked back.

I also draw pen and ink ‘kinSHEDS’, portraits of people’s homes. This name is derived from the equally clever ‘kin’ (your family) and ‘SHEDS’ (your home). Simple.

It’s a really easy and affordable way to get a bespoke piece of art which captures a moment in time. My drawings make brilliant birthday, Christmas, anniversary, housewarming, Christening, Fathers Day and Mothers Day presents for others and also for oneself. I firmly believe in a spot of self-gifting!!

how to commission me in 3 easy steps

As well as my commissioned drawings I paint, and have a number of original framed pieces for sale. The acrylic on board pieces are semi abstract in nature and range in subject matter from blousy florals to linear landscapes. Have a look at the Original Paintings link in the MENU above to see the current selection of works on offer.

You can also have a peek at my instagram feed for more info at www.instagram.com/kinheads